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Communication | Control |Visualisation | For Distributed Processes, Systems and Devices.

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We specialise in design and production of expert software for devices and automation of business processes. We connect processes and things in an intelligent network. We support an introduction process of innovative products and services in the field of the Internet of Things.

Seven dedicated IoT systems.

We have built intelligent applications to monitor and control devices in distributed systems.

Together we will enhance your Clients’ experiences.

Your partner of digital innovations.

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Loycon is a team of specialist engineers. We have been creating solutions for private sector and public administration since 2006. We know how to programme your visions, ideas and processes. State-of-the-art knowledge and flexibility are our virtues.

  • Business AnalystsBusiness Analysts
  • System ArchitectsSystem Architects
  • Project ManagersProject Managers
  • UX DesignersUX Designers
  • ProgrammersProgrammers
  • Graphic DesignersGraphic Designers
  • TestersTesters
  • IT OPsIT OPs
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