Technologies:Java 11, Springboot, Angular 4

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Reports generated with one click.

The system provides reliable and detailed reports and analyses. All the reports can be exported to Excel, PDF or CSV at any time. At the same time, it is also possible to transfer data through interface to ERP system.

IoT platform offers centralised management and networking of devices.

Thanks to the new functions, such as complex administrative and service tools, the users are able to:

  1. Improve process efficiency
  2. Optimise productivity
  3. Reduce costs
  4. Gather important information


Warn automatically about theft or malpractice.

The app sends alerts in case of theft or unexpected acceleration. Other alerts related to various situations can also be added and one can define who is supposed to get system messages (SMS or email).

Full review on one screen

The user can review data of all the vehicles, devices or resources just on one page using the dashboard. You can design also your own dashboard, configuring widgets on your own. The app can be adjusted to personal requirements of the users so that they can get only the most important information. The application is highly scalable - it can support over a million devices at the same time.

Simple device installation

A dedicated mobile application, Service App, guides the installer through the entire new dveice installation process. In the next steps, the user must complete all fields, as well as make photographic documentation or write comments about the installation. The application also allows to quickly diagnose the correctness of installations, as well as simple assembly of spare parts. The whole process with individual installation steps can be programmed from scratch for each device.


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