Sector:Road Traffic Monitoring

Front-end technologies:AngularJs, jQuery, Bootstrap, Grunt, Bower

Back-end technologies:Java 8, Spring 4.x, RESTful Web Services, Websockets, Hibernate, Sqlight, Activemq, Postgresql, Cassandra, Solr, Mockito, Powemock, Swagger, Tomcat 8, Jenkins, Bashscripting

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Traffic Control Center

The system for continuous, ongoing monitoring and management of field devices which are responsible for traffic light control and traffic measurement on junctions located in the monitored area.

Continuous monitoring of control devices in real time ensures live view of traffic light cycles at the junctions controlled by the system. An authorised dispatcher, thanks to the control module, has a possibility to change traffic light operational mode immediately when it is necessary and plan the control schedule for traffic lights, which can be individual for every junction, weekday and for special days defined previously. Furthermore, the system collects and makes archival records of statistical data related to traffic, coming from inductive loops and traffic detectors located at junctions. Next to the preview feature of present data and diagnostic information, the user has also access to an extended report system which facilitates preview

of historical data (traffic statistics, traffic light histograms, device logbooks), diagnostic information (device statuses and alerts reported) and administrative information (device history in the system, user’s audit, etc.).

The system architecture, consisting of modules and layers, guarantees flexibility and a possibility to expand it with next device types and communication protocols.The system is mobile, designed for installation in any place in the world and it can be fully configured from the level of the user interface.

Transparent interface presents information using maps, tables, diagrams, charts and histograms, so the user receives a complete, effective tool to supervise, manage and service devices which control traffic lights and traffic measurement.

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