Front-end technologies:AngularJs, jQuery, Bootstrap, Gulp.

Back-end technologies:Java 1.7, Java Swing, WebStart, CXF, JBoss 7.1.1, Jasper Report, Postgresql, VFS, REST, SOAP.

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Maspex project

LOYCON systems application for Maspex concern is a dedicated loyalty programme based on Loycon loyalty platform. It includes an administrative platform and three websites designed for customers of the loyalty programme supplier.

The platform facilitates management of loyalty programme customers, awards, promotions and product catalogues. It also includes a set of templates used for communication with customers, personalised messages on programme websites, short text messages, questionnaires and system notification emails (e.g. system warnings, low stock reports concerning specific awards, etc.). The app has an extended report module providing specialist market analyses and information on customer preferences.

We Sell Together, We Win Together and We Benefit Together

We Sell Together, We Win Together and We Benefit Together websites operate on the basis of a loyalty platform and are designed for various customer groups taking part in the loyalty programme – shop owners and employees, individuals and various units running a business, as well as food points of sale. The programme participants can check – using the website – their balance and history of loyalty points, ongoing promotions for individual shops and the catalogue of awards to choose from when they want to exchange their points.

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